Janice Quirt


Janice calls Toronto and Orangeville home, living with a fun and chaotic blended family with 5 kids, ranging from age 6 to17. She adores coffee, chocolate and teaching yoga and barre classes to her community. One day she’d like to live on the beach but for now she can be found in Toronto’s indie coffee shops and the forests of Caledon.

Why parents are so tired

Why Parents are Bone-Achingly Exhausted

By Janice Quirt / January 28, 2024

I never thought I could love my bed or couch so much, and yet I don’t yield all my time to them. Because I cling to the pre-parent person I also am.

You won't regret the Happy Meal - SavvyMom

You Won’t Regret Buying That Darn Happy Meal

By Janice Quirt / August 12, 2023

One day you’ll realize you already bought your last Happy Meal and you didn’t even know it. There’s no time like the present to slow down and enjoy some quality time, complete with fries.

Ideas for a screen-free weekend - SavvyMom

Fun Activities to Fill a Screen-Free Weekend

By Janice Quirt / July 17, 2023

From time to time we like to press the reset button and go for a screen-free weekend. Here are some fun ideas to make that seem not so scary.

Family-Friendly Toronto Beaches Cobourg Beach - SavvyMom

Best Family-Friendly Toronto Beaches

By Janice Quirt / July 13, 2023

Summer is here and that means we need a pocket guide to the best Toronto beaches an hour or two out of the city. Pack the sunscreen and towels and let’s go!

Ideas for a Spa Day for Kids in Toronto - SavvyMom

Best Bets for a Spa Day for Kids in Toronto

By Janice Quirt / April 30, 2023

Relaxing, bonding, pampering — either on location or they’ll come to you — here are your best bets for a spa day for kids in Toronto

Consequences and Misunderstandings of My Son's Autism Diagnosis - SavvyMom

Consequences and Misunderstandings from My Son’s Autism Diagnosis

By Janice Quirt / March 31, 2023

My son received an ADHD and autism diagnosis. And so began a long series of misunderstandings and consequences from friends and family as a result.

Beat Winter Blahs as a Family - SavvyMom

Family-Friendly Ways to Beat the Winter Blahs

By Janice Quirt / February 21, 2023

These fun, low-cost ideas to help you get the family’s groove back during these grey weeks. Bye bye, winter blahs. We’re manufacturing our own sunshine.

Surprise Pick-Me-Up Gift and Care Package Ideas - SavvyMom

Pick-Me-Up Gift and Care Package Ideas

By Janice Quirt / February 19, 2023

There’s no need to save surprise gift and care package deliveries for overnight campers. Here are some ideas to include for anyone you may know who could use a lift.

Valentine's Day Gift Ideas - SavvyMom

Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for All of Your Loves

By Janice Quirt / February 7, 2023

From the kiddos to gal pals, there’s a token of affection here for everyone. Check out these sweet Valentine’s Day gift ideas for all the sweethearts on your list…

Outings in Ontario: Burlington Village Square - SavvyMom

Almost Free and Free Ontario Outings for Families

By Janice Quirt / January 28, 2023

The following free (and almost free) Ontario outings are all within 1.5 hrs of Toronto and offer a variety of fun with the bonus of getting you out of the house.