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Jen Millard lives in Markham, Ontario with her husband, two daughters and three badly-behaved pets. Jen is happiest when she’s got her nose in a book, a glass of wine at her side and a nap on the horizon. When she's not blogging, Jen is wondering how mascara marketers sleep at night and teaching College part-time.

Creative Gift Ideas for Mother's Day - SavvyMom

No Brunch & No Spa: Creative Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

By Jen Millard / May 8, 2024

“It’s the thought that counts” is a phrase undoubtedly coined by a mom. Her are some gift ideas for Mother’s Day to make the day special.

How to Be an Awakened Parent - SavvyMom

How to Be an ‘Awakened’ Parent

By Jen Millard / March 22, 2024

The book, “The Awakened Family,” taught me something new about the way I parent and my relationships with my kids. Here’s how to be an awakened parent…

Why the stress of mom guilt is so toxic - SavvyMom

What the Toxicity and Stress of Mom Guilt Does to Our Bodies

By Jen Millard / February 27, 2024

We’ve all read about mom guilt: why we feel it, how much it sucks and what we can do about it. But there isn’t a lot of information out there about why it’s so damaging.

Rejecting Mom Guilt and Feeling Less Stressed - SavvyMom

How to Reject Mom Guilt & Feel Less Stressed This Year

By Jen Millard / January 4, 2024

A lot of us accept mom guilt as the price of entry to motherhood but I don’t think it has to be that way. Here’s how I reject it and feel less stressed.

Make the Most of Cold, Dreaded, January - SavvyMom

How to Make the Most of Cold, Dark, Dreaded January

By Jen Millard / December 31, 2023

There are ways to make the most of cold, dark, dreaded January, other than binge-watching Netflix in the name of “self-care.” Here are five ideas.

Stop Celebrating Celebrity Co-Parents - SavvyMom

Can We Please Stop Celebrating Celebrity Co-Parents?

By Jen Millard / November 5, 2023

Lauding celebrity co-parents is like congratulating fathers for “being hands on.” It’s nauseating and I’d like it to stop.

Scary Movies for Kids That Won't Scare Them Too Much - SavvyMom

20 Scary Movies for Kids (That Won’t Scare the Pants Off Them)

By Jen Millard / October 12, 2023

Scary movies for kids often = sleepless nights for parents. But these spooky movies all have an element of magic that’s perfect for family movie night.

Are We Ignoring Our Kids' Privacy? - SavvyMom

Are We Documenting Their Lives or Are We Ignoring Kids’ Privacy?

By Jen Millard / September 19, 2023

To me, they’re harmless anecdotes that showed the world how cute, precocious and special I think my children are. But as they get older, I’m realizing that these aren’t my stories anymore. And I’m not sure they ever were.

Coping with Busy School Mornings - SavvyMom

8 Ways to Make Busy School Mornings Less Stressful

By Jen Millard / September 1, 2023

Busy school mornings are a special kind of torture for moms who are getting themselves and their littles ready, all on a tight schedule.

Dear Daughters: 50 Reminders for When School Starts - SavvyMom

Dear Daughters: 50 Reminders for When School Starts

By Jen Millard / August 2, 2023

Dear daughters—grab a cheese string and listen up, because this is important. These are things you need to remember when school starts.