Naomi Maharaj


I started blogging this past summer when my second son was a few months old. As of November 2012, my two boys are 22 months old and 6 months old. The goal of is to talk about general parenting issues but with an eye for humor. Readers are invited to submit their own stories to be shared in the Friday 'Make Me Laugh' feature.

Why the name Laughing Mom? I want my house to be filled with laughter; from the ‘my mom is doing something hilarious’ giggle of my toddler to the giggle my baby gives when you snuggle his belly. In the face of sleep deprivation, crying babies and tantruming toddlers, I hope to be able to see and share, the humour in it all. 'Laughing Mom' just seemed to fit.

I am presently on maternity leave from a management position at the University of Alberta. I also hold a Masters degree in Library and Information Studies.When not enjoying family time, I like to run, practice hot yoga, cook and fit in the occasional book.

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