Rebecca Eckler


Rebecca Eckler is a journalist, columnist, blogger and best selling author of nine books; three on parenting, including Knocked Up!, Wiped, and Toddlers Gone Wild. Her latest book is The Mommy Mob: Inside the Outrageous World of Mommy Bloggers. She lives in Toronto with her 12-year-old daughter, Rowan, and her 4-year-old son, Holt. She loves eating in bed, watermelon, Chelsea Handler, and The Big Bang Theory. And, of course, her children.

How I Screwed Up Maternity Leave

My Biggest Parenting Regret? I Didn’t Take My Full Maternity Leave

By Rebecca Eckler / May 21, 2024

If I could have a do-over, which unfortunately I can’t since I will not be having another baby, I would have taken proper maternity leave following the birth of my children.

How Teachers Really Feel About Going Back to School - SavvyMom

How Teachers Really Feel About Going Back to School

By Rebecca Eckler / August 24, 2023

We asked 10 teachers from across Canada to tell us the truth, anonymously, about what it’s really like for them going back to school.

Superstitious during pandemic

Signs, Fortune Tellers, Horoscopes, Oh My! I’ve Become So Superstitious

By Rebecca Eckler / May 4, 2021

I’m not sure what is happening to me, except to say from crazy new superstitions, weird and coincidental signs, to horoscopes and fortune tellers, I’ve never been so superstitious in my entire life. I’m not alone.

My Son Tested Positive for Covid

My Kid Has Covid and I Had to Make the Call No One Wants to Receive

By Rebecca Eckler / April 23, 2021

No one wants to get that call because at best, it’s an inconvenience. But at worst? I couldn’t even let my mind go there…

My Daughter Has Become ‘Community Property’

By Rebecca Eckler / April 16, 2021

Looking back, I suppose I was a part of the first generation of parents who began raising our kids on social media.

Calling Doug Ford

My New Hobby Is Calling Premier Doug Ford’s Office. Here’s Why It Feels So Good!

By Rebecca Eckler / April 6, 2021

There is always a good reason for my calls. It’s my new lockdown hobby. Sometimes I even look for reasons to call.

Are More Moms Suffering from ‘Disordered Eating’ During the Pandemic? Should We Speak Up?

By Rebecca Eckler / March 26, 2021

I may never feel comfortable telling someone the truth about their bodies, but it may be a good start to stop “congratulating” all of us who suffer from situational disordered eating, thanks to Covid, or for other reasons, when we post photographs.

Ending a friendship

It’s Been Six Weeks Since I Ended A 20-Year Friendship

By Rebecca Eckler / March 12, 2021

“I was beyond sad to end this friendship. It was almost as traumatizing, if not more so, than my two failed relationships with my children’s fathers.”

My Teen Asked About My Sexual Experiences With Women. I Told Her The Truth

By Rebecca Eckler / March 3, 2021

During a casual Saturday dinner, my 17 year-old daughter asked me about my sexual experiences with women. By the end of dinner, I wasn’t sure if I was coming out to her or if she was coming out to me. (Again)

Do You Want Your Kid To Go To Harvard Or Be Happy?

By Rebecca Eckler / February 23, 2021

I’m not sure my daughter will be ready for all the other high-achieving, motivated, top-of-the-class students who will be future classmates. Is it wrong that I just want her to have fun?