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Rebecca Cuneo Keenan has recently moved from Toronto to Washington, DC with her husband and three children. You can follow weekly updates on her new adventures south of the border here at Savvy Mom. Rebecca writes widely on parenting and pop culture and used to blog at Playground Confidential.

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions Busy Moms Can Actually Live With - SavvyMom

Realistic New Year’s Resolutions for Busy Moms

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / December 26, 2023

Instead of setting more impossible goals, we resolved to find some realistic New Year’s Resolutions that busy moms can actually live by.

Annalynne McCord Twitter Putins Mother

This Woman Is Actually Blaming Putin’s Mother

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / February 26, 2022

IS SHE ACTUALLY BLAMING PUTIN’S MOTHER?! I thought I’d seen it all but this takes some kind of cake.

Pandemic Holiday Season - SavvyMom

Have Yourself a Merry Little Pandemic Holiday

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / December 11, 2021

In the glass-half-full spirit of festive optimism, let’s celebrate all the ways life is better. Here are 5 Reasons Why this Pandemic Holiday is Better than Last Year’s

Screen Timeout - SavvyMom

Screen Timeout. Are Families Rejecting Tech?

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / October 16, 2021

There was no point in hoping for a screen timeout. Digital technology is a big part of life for young and old alike. This is how we live now, we thought.

Going Back to School During Covid - SavvyMom

Should I Be Worried About the Kids Going Back to School?

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / August 31, 2021

My kids are going back to school and I don’t know how to feel about it! I was eagerly counting the days but now… Shouldn’t I be worried about COVID?

Lessons for Sports Parents from Simone Biles - SavvyMom

What Sports Parents Can Learn From Simone Biles

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / July 30, 2021

Calling all sports parents. Here are some lessons from an elite and accomplished athlete who understands her own limitations. Her name is Simone Biles.

Worried About Myocarditis from Covid-19 Vaccines - SavvyMom

How Worried Should You Be About Myocarditis From Covid-19 Vaccines?

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / June 28, 2021

Worried about pericarditis or myocarditis from the Covid-19 vaccines? We reached out to public health experts to help explain the risks and alleviate fears.

Mom and daughter after a race

I’ve Stopped Erasing Myself From Those Milestones

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / May 27, 2021

I realize that I no longer want to care what other people think. I don’t want to let fear and insecurities stop me from doing anything at all. Drop your pride and open yourself up to all kinds of opportunities.

covid-19 vaccines for breastfeeding and pregnant women

Are the Covid Vaccines Safe for Pregnant or Breastfeeding Women?

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / May 11, 2021

The results are encouraging, as the data from recent studies on Covid-19 vaccine safety and efficacy for pregnant or breastfeeding women is starting to come in.

Everything you need to know about the Covid vaccine

Everything You Want to Know About Covid-19 Vaccine Safety

By Rebecca Cuneo Keenan / May 5, 2021

Health Canada’s Dr. Supriya Sharma answers questions and shares everything you want to know about Covid-19 vaccine safety for parents and children.