Shauna Oberg


Shauna has always dabbled in interior design. In fact, as a kid she constantly drew floor plans, read Better Homes and Gardens, and honed her ability to paint, repurpose, and style anything she could get her hands on. Her early studies and career began in the fashion industry and eventually led to a career in teaching. Not only did she go on to decorate each of her homes with her distinct style and budget-friendly approach, she solved countless design dilemmas for friends and relatives, all while being a busy professional, wife, and mother.
In 2008, after what Shauna describes as truly listening to her heart and life’s purpose, she left behind the world of education, integrated everything she had learned about design, business and life (and a lot of DIY), and founded Satori Design for Living. “Everyday is an adventure. I am able to live my life creatively and thoughtfully. My passion is facilitating transformations that inspire, nurture and fulfill.”
Shauna holds a Bachelor of Science, with a background in textiles, design and art history, as well as an after degree in Education from the University of Alberta. In addition to having her certification in color consulting and professional organizing, she is an avid lifelong learner, studying topics such as psychology of spaces, color theory, and photography.

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