Katie Rose Corkum


Katie Rose is a small town girl living in the big city of Halifax, N.S. With both a diploma in Fashion Merchandising as well as Rehabilitation Assistant, she usually works as a full time Chiropractic assistant (now on mat leave) but practices her love of fashion everyday. After finding out that she was pregnant with her boyfriend, she started following many mothers with blogs. She realized they all had something in common, but she was different. Katie Rose was unwed, pregnant, and not religious. She decided to start a blog documenting her journey from single girl In The city, to Mom of one. She wanted to represent the ‘New Age’ family, of couples who have it all without planning it or being married. Follow her as she leads you through her life, sharing recipes, exercise advice, shopping and fashion advice, DIY, and everything else that crosses her path in her new adventure of motherhood.

Why the name Wild Rosebuds you may ask? Well Katie Rose’s family have nicknamed her Rosebud since birth. Out of 3 daughters, she was always the fiery wild one. From tattoos, to starting a family, she never did things the proper conventional way. She was the wild rosebud.

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