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Managing Multiple Kids in Extra-Curricular Activities- SavvyMom

Tips for Managing Multiple Kids in Extra Curricular Activities

Facing a hectic activity schedule is daunting. Here’s how this mom of six managed multiple extra-curricular activities. (Doesn’t it already seem easier?)

From Classroom to Playground: A Parent’s Guide to Handling Pink Eye

As the school bells chime and your little ones head into the classroom, there’s no time for pink eye to…

Helping kids with homework

Put the ‘Home’ Back in Doing Homework

Here are 10 tips from the experts at ABC Life Literacy Canada on how to make doing homework part of your daily routine.

The First Weeks of School Are Weird - SavvyMom

Parents Beware: The First Weeks of School Are Weird

It’s a gong show, fellow parents. Be prepared. The first weeks of school are no fun.

How Teachers Really Feel About Going Back to School - SavvyMom

How Teachers Really Feel About Going Back to School

We asked 10 teachers from across Canada to tell us the truth, anonymously, about what it’s really like for them going back to school.

Back to School with an IEP - SavvyMom

Going Back to School with an IEP

If your child is headed back to school with an IEP, here are some strategies to develop a positive relationship with their teachers, so your kids can have a successful year:

5 Tips for a Back to School Transition - SavvyMom

5 Ways to Make the Back to School Transition Easier

Back to school doesn’t mean ‘back to chaos’. Check out these 5 steps to help your family ease into your back to school transition…

Savvy Back to School Guide - SavvyMom

The Savviest Back to School Guide Ever!

Backpacks and lunches and tears, oh my! Our Back to School Guide is your savvy secret weapon to mastering this most(ly) wonderful time of the year.

7 Simple Steps to Back to School Lunches - SavvyMom

7 Simple Steps to Back-to-School Lunches

Here are 7 simple steps to back to school lunches they will actually eat and a more nutritious day overall for your little ones.