5 Simple First Day of School Traditions to Start with Your Family

5 Back to School Traditions - SavvyMom

Friends, it’€™s time to accept that summer is nearly over and school will start in just over a week. Part of me doesn’€™t mind at all, and I think we can all agree that there is something comforting and familiar about a set schedule and daily routine, right? But that doesn’€™t necessarily make it any easier to say sayonara to summer. While it can be an overwhelming season for all (mom included!), establishing a few back to school traditions can start things off on a positive note.

Here are a few ideas that will hopefully offer a bit of inspiration to help you get started. If you already have your own back to school traditions, please share your ideas in the comments below’€”we’€™d love to hear them!

  1. The First Day of School Portrait: Take the traditional back to school picture up a notch by including a list of likes and favourites instead of just the date and/or grade.
  2. The First Day of School Breakfast Buffet: Set the table with your best dishes, (serve milk in wine glasses!) and prepare a buffet for the first day of school breakfast. This can be simple, like a platter a fresh fruit, store-bought pastries, and few varieties of cereal, but dining together with your best china will make the morning feel extra special.
  3. Lunch Love Note: Include a special note, joke, or picture in your child’€™s lunchbox for the first day. They are certain to feel special when they find a sweet sentiment tucked inside their lunch sack.
  4. Make The Kids a Schultuete: My boys had a grade one teacher who prepared this German-inspired treat for the kids on the first day of school. You can make your own paper cones (find a tutorial here) and fill them with trinkets, back to school supplies and treats and hand them out on the first day of school when the kids come home from their classes.
  5. The School Supply Scavenger Hunt: When the kids come home on the first day of school, set up a scavenger hunt in the house or backyard that will lead them to collect all of the new school supplies required for the coming year. You have to purchase them anyway, so why not have a little fun with these essential store-bought items?


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