Lunch Box Notes That Will Make Your Little Student’s Day


I’€™ve never given much thought to the lunch box love note that many parents lovingly pack in their child’€™s mid-day meal each day, but I recently read a story that has me wishing I had given it a little more consideration when my older kids were in their tween years.

When Skye Gould was in 6th grade (from 2003-2004), her mother, Stephanie Skylar, wrote more than 100 advice notes that were tucked into her school lunch each day. Her family had just moved, and her mother used the letters as a way to connect while she was working full-time. Each note was filled with what she referred to as ‘€˜Lunch Box Letter Advice’€™ such as, ‘€˜Don’t be quick to judge the girls at school’€”it’s up to you to look for the good in each one,’€™ and ‘€˜Keep a journal of milestones in your life so you’€™ll have good memories of growing up.’€™ Stephanie says that working full-time and being a proper influence on her daughter took a lot of energy in those years, but she wanted to plant positive messages in her daughter’€™s head without becoming a nagging mom.

Skye kept every letter in a Sketcher’€™s shoebox, and more than a decade later she used them as research for her Master’€™s thesis in visual communications. As part of the project she launched Advice from My Mom, a website which showcases the notes. She also asks readers to share the best advice they’€™ve received from their own moms, creating an inspiring collection of encouragement for all.

I’€™m not about to take on my own lunch box letter project, but I’€™ve certainly warmed up to the idea of periodically packing a sweet note alongside the school lunch. It might be something handwritten in Sharpie on an index card, two things I always have on hand in the kitchen, or I might print off some of the many free printables available online. Here are a few of my favourites, if you’€™re inclined to do the same:

Lastly, these store-bought notes include messages about doing good and being a great person, while funny food superhero images keep things light-hearted. Tell us, do you pack a lunchbox letter everyday? Is it something handwritten or printed off the Internet?

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