5 Fabulous Summer Sandwiches

5 Fabulous Summer Sandwiches - SavvyMom

Summer is a season with trips to the beach, lazy picnics, and plenty of entertaining. Sandwiches are the perfect answer for summer meals as they are easy, portable, and delicious. Here are 5 fabulous summer sandwiches for any and every occasion this year.

5 Fab Summer Sandwiches

1. Stuffed Sandwich:

A stuffed sandwich is a great entertaining idea as it is prepared in advance and sliced when it is time to eat. They are also perfect to throw in a picnic basket. Stuffed sandwiches take crusty loaves of fresh bread and remove the middle to make room for the yummy layers of fillings. Large round loaves are ideal when entertaining. When you have the time you can even make individual sandwiches using large crusty Italian style buns. Slice the loaf in half, remove the tender centre of bread (put it aside to make home made croutons for an accompanying Caesar salad). Leave an inch or so to soak up the flavours.

You can use any number of fillings and spreads to create your sandwich. Classic ideas include spreading sun dried tomato or basil pesto on the bread and layering grilled eggplant, red peppers, and zucchini with soft cheese such as boconcinni or authentic mozzarella. Or try a homemade aioli flavoured with your choice of ingredients such as garlic and herbs layered with Italian deli meats and roasted hot peppers and asiago cheese. A grainy mustard and honey layered with grilled chicken, tomatoes, and goats cheese is also delicious. The key is to use a spread that will absorb into the bread without getting soggy. Leave the sandwich in the fridge for at least four hours or overnight to “set.”

2. Pulled Pork, Beef, or Chicken:

Slow-cooked meat is the perfect summer sandwich when served on fresh crusty rolls and topped with your favourite barbecue sauce. Add some homemade coleslaw for crunch and you have a replacement for boring ol’ burgers. Prep the meat with your favourite rub and slow roast on the barbecue until it is pull-apart tender. Do this in a pan and collect the juices to moisten the meat or do it straight on the grill to create a nice bark.

3. Tartines:

Tartines are mini open-faced sandwiches that are great for entertaining and can be topped with any number of ingredients. These little beauties are very retro and the traditional toppings work very well. Try cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers on pumpernickel, lump crab or lobster salad with mayo, apple, and diced celery, or classic egg salad with chopped gherkins and chives, and thinly sliced cold, rare roast beef with horseradish, grilled tomato, and frisée lettuce is so delicious.

4. Vegetarian Foccacia Sandwiches:

Foccacia is an Italian flatbread often covered in tomato or olives. This makes it a great choice for a vegetarian sandwich of roasted red peppers, marinated artichoke hearts, fresh basil leaves, and boursin or goats cheese. Spread fresh pesto and cheese on the bread and then stack the remaining ingredients for one of the most delicious vegetarian summer sandwiches.

5. Asian Inspired Wraps:

Wraps are the perfect summer sandwiches for picnics as well as for entertaining. Asian flavours are great for wraps using ingredients such as cold poached or grilled shrimp with lettuce, carrots, and scallions dressed with a sesame ginger dressing; grilled teriyaki flank steak with plenty of Bib lettuce, fresh red pepper strips and green onion drizzled with teriyaki sauce; or Hoisin barbecued pork with kimchee or Asian slaw.

Most of these sandwiches can be prepared ahead of time, are easy to transport, and ready to serve when you are hungry.


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