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Mama's Cloud is a kids book to help children with depressed parents - SavvyMom

A Kids’ Book to Help Children Understand Depressed Parents

Mama’s Cloud tells the story of a young child trying to navigate the world with a mother who suffers from depression. It can help children understand depressed parents.

The Savvy Guide to Easter - SavvyMom

The Savvy Guide to Easter

Our Savvy Guide to Easter is full of ideas for celebrating Easter — whether you’re hosting a family gathering or having a small egg hunt at home.

Spring Getaways from Vancouver - SavvyMom

Best Bets for Spring Getaways from Vancouver

Maybe you didn’t make any concrete spring break plans, but with summer a ways off yet there are plenty of options for quick spring getaways from Vancouver that are within close range.

Calgary Spring Getaways - SavvyMom

The Best Calgary Spring Getaways

Banff, Canmore, and Lake Louise are always popular options, but we’ve rounded up a few Calgary spring getaways that may not have been on your list already.

Quebec City + Ottawa Spring Getaway Ideas - SavvyMom

Leaving Ottawa: Spring Getaway Ideas

Sometimes it’s nice to go on a little adventure and escape the city. These Ottawa spring getaway ideas will provide a welcome change of scenery along with the change in weather.

Ideas for Daytrips and Spring Getaways in Ontario - SavvyMom

Daytrips and Quick Spring Getaways in Ontario

We’ve rounded up some fun, family-friendly daytrips and spring getaways in Ontario, with a mix of day trips as well as locations better suited for overnight road trips.

What's Streaming for Families and Kids in March on Canadian Services - SavvyMom

What’s Streaming for Families & Kids on Canadian Services in March

Never underestimate the power of a good screen. Enter these TV and movie picks streaming for families and kids in March across Canadian streaming services.

Books To Help Kids Deal With Divorce

Books About Divorce to Help Kids Cope

These days, there’s a wide variety of books that deal with divorce and separation so kids can see themselves in what they read.

Spring Cleaning with Kids

6 Simple Ideas for Spring Cleaning with Kids

If the kids are home for March Break, it’s the perfect chance to teach new skills while decluttering the house. Spring cleaning with kids is totally a thing!