Homegrown: Celebrating The Canadian Foods We Grow, Raise And Produce


Who’€™s on your Christmas shopping list? A foodie with every gadget, book and gizmo known to man? A locavore or green thumb who prefers to grown their own veggies, or support a local farmer? Or a transplant from the other side of our home and native land who gets a little homesick, from time to time, for their hometown? Allow us to introduce Homegrown: Celebrating the Canadian Foods We Grow, Raise and Produce by Mairlyn Smith. We can guarantee your foodie friend won’€™t have it (it comes out today), the recipes within only make use of Canadian made, grown, or manufactured edibles (exceptions are made for spices), and it contains recipes like Gluten-Free PEI Potato Lasagna, Red Lentil Waffles with Pear Sauce, and Asian-Style Nova Scotia Scallops with Miso Glaze. The final Canadian-grown cranberry on top? Mairlyn is a nutrition expert and professional home economist, so these recipes are healthy, easy to make, and come marked with nutrition break-downs—€”so handy for diabetics or those on low-sodium diets. ($33, available in stores at Indigo or at amazon.ca)

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