5 Things to Do with Pumpkins When Halloween Is Over

Wondering what to do with your pumpkins and jack-o-lanterns once Halloween is over? Here are 5 things to do with pumpkins to repurpose October’s hottest accessory into something new for November.

What Time Does Trick-or-Treating Start? SavvyMom

What Time Does Trick or Treating Start?

Here are some tips to let you know when it’s a good time to start trick or treating (and when you should probably call it a night) this Halloween.

11 Ideas to Use Up Excess Halloween Candy - SavvyMom

11 Ideas to Use Up Excess Halloween Candy

We love how much our kids love Halloween. And we hate being the fun police. Here are 11 ways to use up excess Halloween candy that’ll keep your fun cred intact.

Fiery Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

While nothing beats the classic salted variety, we like to add a savoury hit of flavour with this fiery roasted pumpkin seeds recipe. 

5 Tips for Perfect Roasted Pumpkin Seeds - SavvyMom

5 Steps to Perfectly Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

Don’t toss them! Unless it’s with oil and salt! We’ve got 5 tips to create perfectly roasted pumpkin seeds.

Halloween Pumpkin Decorating for Little Ones - SavvyMom

Halloween Pumpkin Fun for Little Ones

If your little ones want their very own Jack O Lantern, decorating is a great alternative to Halloween pumpkin carving — no knives required.

Trick or Treating Guide to Halloween - SavvyMom

The Savvy Guide to Halloween

From pumpkin carving to DIY costumes to managing the excess candy (is there even such a thing?) our Savvy Guide to Halloween is full of tricks and treats to keep the spooky season fun and safe.

Haunted and Healthy Halloween Eats

Here are three ideas for healthy Halloween eats that I’ve been making for years, and they never fail to disappoint. All are super simple, easy, and fun.

Jack Flaps (Pumpkin Pancakes) with Fresh Fruit

These “Jack Flaps” (aka pumpkin pancakes) utilize all the pumpkin deliciousness of the fall season but are yummy at any time of year. Makes 10 pancakes