6 Chic and Creepy Halloween Décor Ideas

Chic and Creepy Halloween Decor Ideas - SavvyMom

When getting ready for Halloween night you can go either go with a crazy spooky or très chic but still creepy Halloween décor theme. Here are eight chic but still creepy Halloween décor ideas for your Halloween festivities and to delight trick or treaters

6 Chic and Creepy Halloween Décor Ideas

Fishnet Stockings:

Fishnet stockings have a sexy vibe, but when not being worn can also be used to create interesting lighting effects. Look for the largest size you can find in thigh highs and use them for a number of sexy cover ups. Look at pulling them over wall sconces and lamp shades as well as stretched and stapled over mirrors.

You can also create light clusters with stringed lights in red, white, or even eerie green. Keep lighting solid as red and white together will be too Christmassy. Pull the stockings over the lights to hold them together in clumps or strands. There are a number of various stocking patterns you will find at Halloween including spider webs and larger fence cross styles. Just be careful you are only using them on safe lights, not with candles of course!

Black Boas:

Black feather boas are the perfect chic and creepy décor detail. Think of them as Halloween garland and drape them over mantles, large framed paintings, and mirrors hanging on your walls. Place them hanging from chandeliers and even wrapped around lamp shades. You can take ooh la la to “ew” la la by adding some plastic spiders or worms to the feathers for an added touch of creepy.

Pumpkin Patch:

Create a chic pumpkin patch on your lawn using stencils to carve interesting patterns to greet trick or treaters and guests as they arrive at your home. Spider webs, large spiders, black cats with arched backs, witches on brooms, and other interesting spectres and figures can create a spooky little lawn aglow with flickering candles and ominous shadows.

Spooky Photos:

Consider hitting flea markets or thrift shops to find spooky antique photos in fancy frames. This idea works well as you can replace your current artwork on walls and even add some scary detailing like red eyes or blood using red nail polish. You can then them away for next year or toss the photos and use the frames somewhere in your home. You can also use a group of scary photos on a hall table or in the foyer to welcome guests with spooky uplighting. If you can’t find old photos find them online and print them off. Consider poking red lights through the eyes for a touch of freaky fun.

Eerie Lighting:

Use eerie lighting in dark corners of your home to highlight décor items such as spider webs complete with creepy black spiders, a sheet hanging from rope, and creepy stuffed black birds, cats, or owls. You can do something a little less ominous like witches brooms and hats. Add uplighting or cover red, green, or white solid strands of Christmas lights with black netting, black stockings, or other gauzy materials for great effect.

Bloody Wine Glasses:

Buy some old wine glasses from the local second-hand store and then decorate them with red nail polish for bloody drips. Then fill them with deeply dyed red water and create a little display complete with spooky black candle light. Place a wine bottle or two nearby spray painted black as candle holders or just on their own with a home made spooky antiqued wine label complete with bats or a skull and cross bones

These tips are sure to raise the hair on people’s necks and send chills up their spines.


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