Awesome Pumpkin Carving Tips From a Pro

Pumpkin Carving Tips from a Pro

Have you ever wanted to have the best looking pumpkin on the block but felt like you were drawing a blank on artistic inspiration? Are you in dire need of pumpkin carving tips?

We chatted with lifestyle blogger and style and beauty expert Jenn Falik to get her insights on how even beginners can achieve pumpkin greatness this October. She’s been on the talk show circuit sharing her tips to get the best looking gourd in your neighbourhood. This style maven has all the tricks you need to make the process both easy and fun – even if you’re feeling low in the inspiration department. Some of her handy tips come from her friends at Pumpkin Masters.

Jenn is no stranger to giving great advice. This publicist turned brand ambassador and lifestyle guru has been giving beauty and style tips since childhood. Something we particularly loved was how she had some unique pointers on a safe and clever way to light up your pumpkin that we would have never considered. From selecting the perfect pumpkin, to ‘no hack’ carving hacks for safety, to suggesting innovative ways to decorate them (like with stencils), Jenn has all the ideas you need to make your pumpkin (and porch) look their very best.

Pumpkin Carving Tips from a Pro

Check out this video with all of Jenn’s advice for a painless, creative and fashionable Halloween pumpkin. It’s even comes full of ideas that will help you make the most of this spooky season with your family. Listen in and you, too, can achieve pumpkin greatness. Your next-door neighbours will be ‘orange and green’ with envy.


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