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Michelle is a writer, editor, and avid cook living in Toronto, Ontario.

Teachers Reveal Their Ideal Thank You Gifts

By Michelle Reddick / May 30, 2022

We turned to a few teachers we know and love to get the scoop on the thank you gifts they really want—and a few themes emerged. Here’s what they said.

Gifts From the 6ix: 10 Local Gifts that are Uniquely Toronto

Gifts From the 6ix: 10 Local Gifts that are Uniquely Toronto

By Michelle Reddick / December 14, 2017

Whether you’re leaving the 416 to travel this Christmas, and want to share a piece of home with your hosts, or you just want to give unique gifts that are close to your heart this holiday season, the 6ix has plenty to offer. From food and drink made right here in Hogtown to an iconic shirt, there’s so much great shopping right here at home.

18 and Over? Why Our Movie-Rating System Needs a Serious Overhaul

By Michelle Reddick / August 22, 2017

It might sound alarmist to say that smoking in movies causes kids to smoke. I promise it’s not. The evidence is overwhelming and frightening.

Curiosa, a Magical Harry Potter-Inspired Shop, is a Must-See in Toronto

By Michelle Reddick / August 21, 2017

The store is a curated collection of things relating to books, magical worlds, and curiosities.

Kids' Clothing Brands We Love

Kids’ Clothing Brands We Love

By Michelle Reddick / August 16, 2017

Some of these brands and shops are ethically or locally made, and others spread a positive message. Whatever the reason, these are the shops we feel really good about supporting.

easy ways to eat healthier in the summer

6 Ways to Eat Healthier This Summer (Without Trying Very Hard)

By Michelle Reddick / June 28, 2017

One of my favourite life hacks for achieving this is keeping a bottle of real fruit juice in the fridge. When you get the good stuff, aka real, no-sugar-added, honest-to-goodness-old-fashioned Florida orange juice, you reap the benefits.

Proposed Legislation Could Make Travelling with Kids A Lot Easier

Proposed Legislation Could Make Flying with Kids a Lot Easier

By Michelle Reddick / May 18, 2017

If you fly with small children, this is big news.

New LEGO Tape Means You Can Create Gravity-Defying LEGO Structures Anywhere

New LEGO Tape Means You Can Create Gravity-Defying LEGO Structures Anywhere

By Michelle Reddick / March 15, 2017

Up the walls, on a ceiling, on the fridge…this new reusable, cut-table, Lego tape means you can make Lego creations on literally any surface.

Canada census 2016 results and trends

A Baby Boom in Canada? Census Says: Not Anytime Soon

By Michelle Reddick / February 8, 2017

The national average birth rate is down—a trend that’s been consistent for several decades—but the overall population is up.

lego life app for kids

The New Kid-Safe Lego Life App is a Lego-Lover’s Dream

By Michelle Reddick / January 31, 2017

If your kid is a Lego fanatic who loves to create and share photos of their intricate works of Lego art, the newly created Lego Life, a kid-safe app with increased safety features, might be for them.