New LEGO Tape Means You Can Create Gravity-Defying LEGO Structures Anywhere

New LEGO Tape Means You Can Create Gravity-Defying LEGO Structures Anywhere

Hold onto your hats—and your Lego bricks—because a company has just invented a reusable Lego ‘tape’ that will allow builders to create Lego structures on any surface.

The tape is a plastic strip with Lego bumps on it—a perfect surface for regular ole’ Lego bricks—but the tape is bendy, flexible, and can be adhered (and removed!) from any surface. Meaning your kid can create buildings that are upside-down or stuck to vertical surfaces. (We’re picturing that scene in Inception when the city bends in on itself.)

The applications are endless. Lego structures could be created up the walls, on the fridge, inside a fort or play structure, diorama-style inside a box, or on top of other, non-Lego toys (a regular dollhouse or toy boat could become tricked-out Lego masterpieces). The adhesive backing is reusable, and the strips can be cut to size using regular scissors.

The tape is made by the company Nimuno and is currently being crowdfunded on Indiegogo. The product is slated to be available by July 2017—but you can (and should) put your order in now. $11 USD will get you 2 rolls of the stuff (2 meters total), but after the crowdsourcing campaign ends the price is expected to go up to about $13 USD.

Nimuno is crowdfunding because they need money to cover the costs of production on an industrial scale, plus the shipping and logistical costs of getting this product launched and into customer hands. However, their $8,000 fundraising goal has been exceeded by over 6,000%. Over $516,000 has been raised, so it’s safe to say the product launch will probably go ahead as planned.

This is one of the most exciting Lego innovations we’ve seen—right up there with the new Lego app that launched in January and the Lay-n-Go.

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