Theresa Albert


Theresa Albert is a Food Communications Expert, Brand Spokesperson, Author (Cook Once a Week, Eat Well Every Day and Ace Your Health: 52 Ways to Stack Your Deck), Speaker, Toronto-Area Nutritionist, Columnist for the international Metro Newspaper and The Huffington Post and regular contributor to both lifestyle and news media. Find her at

Eating Mindfully Tips - SavvyMom

Forget Willpower. Eating Mindfully Is Better

By Theresa Albert / July 10, 2023

Are you eating mindfully? Studies prove just how unperceptive we can be about what we eat and when.

Is There Such a Thing as an ADHD Diet?

By Theresa Albert / March 30, 2023

Is there such a thing as an ADHD diet? What foods should be avoided when it comes to kids and ADHD? One expert shares her opinion.

Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Slump - SavvyMom

7 Steps to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

By Theresa Albert / January 28, 2023

Here are some simple steps you can take to avoid that afternoon slump and feel good all day long.

Does avoiding food colour = good behaviour? - SavvyMom

Good Behaviour Lunchboxes

By Theresa Albert / October 24, 2022

If your child is sensitive, or has behaviour issues at all, think about avoiding food colour.

Five Ways to Control Portion Size for the Healthiest Breakfast Possible

By Theresa Albert / November 16, 2015

Overeating is a national problem. Here’s how to make sure your breakfast is a healthy serving of protein, fibre and fuel.

Should You Be Eating Gluten Free?

By Theresa Albert / October 8, 2015

Hands up if you know someone who has gone ‘gluten free’ and you rolled your eyes. Does the gluten-free trend have any substance?

If I Were Sugar…

By Theresa Albert / September 28, 2015

Sugar is on the way out. What you need to know about the artificial sweeteners taking its place

You Eat It Everyday—and It’s Toxic

By Theresa Albert / June 16, 2014

Your kids likely consume it every day—but do you know how it’s affecting them?

5 Ways to Take Better Care of Your Liver

By Theresa Albert / March 18, 2014

The liver is one of your hardest working body parts. Learn to take care of it.

Take Out Food

10 Foods You Don’t Want to Consume and Why…

By Theresa Albert / April 26, 2013

Ever wonder just how many minutes you’d need to walk to burn off that slice of pizza? Find out now—the numbers will scare the bikini off of you!