7 Steps to Prevent the Afternoon Slump

Tips to Avoid the Afternoon Slump - SavvyMom

It happens to the best of us–that 3pm crash that feels like you are dragging death from the ankles. Not the best way to keep up with the kids when they’re done school, or show up at that end-of-day meeting. What you really want is a nap and, in this sleep-starved time, that’s what you should have. But, is that realistic? You know what you should do is take a brisk walk in the crisp air and a few quiet moments to yourself, but what you will likely do to battle this afternoon slump is grab one more cup of that crutch that we love so much.

Nope, once you hit the wall, there is no way around it. Now if only you could find a way to prevent it.

It’s actually not that hard, but it does take awareness earlier in the day than you would think. Here are some steps you can take to avoid that afternoon slump and feel good all day long.

7 Ways to Avoid the Afternoon Slump

Step 1:

Have a high-protein/high-fibre breakfast to prevent the am blood sugar spike which will only lead to a crash. High carbohydrate breakfasts can set you up for a fall later. Adrenaline may get you through the morning but it won’t last long.

Step 2:

Manage/measure caffeine intake in the a.m. (no more than two cups). If you can switch to tea or lightly brewed green tea, you can sip, sip, sip your way through the day. The bigger smash of caffeine from a cup of coffee will only let you down at the wrong time.

Step 3:

Have complex carbohydrates at lunch (brown rice, whole wheat). They are slow-burning fuels that help you make serotonin which will keep you feeling relaxed and happy throughout the day. White carbs burn like a flare and we have all watched those peter out; it’s depressing. A high-fat meal will make you sluggish while your body focuses on digesting rather than writing, communicating, thinking, driving, convincing, and whatever other adverb you are expected to perform.

Step 4:

Include lean protein and high-nutrient vegetables (spinach, red peppers, cabbage, and romaine lettuce). These foods will burn slowly and brightly and help you keep your stress in check.

Step 5:

Take a B complex vitamin at lunchtime; it’s my secret weapon. B vitamins are required to unlock the fuel in carbohydrates and they give you a little lift in energy just when you need it. It is easy to remember to take when they are right there in your desk drawer. A big glass of water will also make sure that this isn’t dehydration dragging you down.

Step 6:

Sip on green tea throughout the afternoon. Lightly brewed green tea has slightly less caffeine than other sources and you will be getting more water per sip. If you use loose-leaf tea, you can rebrew it to get less and less caffeine by the end of day so you can get to sleep at night. (Because, really, getting enough sleep is the key to sustained energy all day.)

Step 7:

Have a handful of nuts and fruit around 3pm.; think of it as your own private rocket fuel. That donut you are eyeing will only let you down, as it’s contributing absolutely nothing (other than taste!). On the other hand, the good fats in nuts are fueling your brain and the fruit provides a refreshing burst of antioxidants and phytochemicals that only want to serve you. If you want to add a square of dark chocolate and a moment of silence to recharge, that’s bankable bonus points for you. Chocolate is a superfood 🙂


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