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I’m a freelance Calgary-based lifestyles writer who tends to cram as much as possible into small compartments. Whether it's luggage, time or just life, I try not to let the size of my suitcase limit my potential. Having a tendency to learn things the hard way, I share my experiences so others can have better ones.

Budget-Friendly Outings to Do this Holiday Break in Calgary

Budget-Friendly Outings to Do this Holiday Break in Calgary

By Travels with Baggage / December 4, 2016

Feeling the pinch this season? Fortunately there are plenty of affordable activities for families in Calgary to participate in over the holidays. Here’s a look at our favourite free and cheap excursions in the city.

10 Holiday Helpers in Calgary That Will Make Life Easier

By Travels with Baggage / November 20, 2016

The greatest gift we could receive this year would be time. Since the season is carrying on regardless, we thought we’d gift you some super suggestions on how to save it. These holiday helpers will get you through the holidays with ease and grace.

11 Family Day Events in Calgary

By Travels with Baggage / February 10, 2016

A provincial holiday tacked onto the weekend—and for some, an extra two days because of a teacher’s convention? Heck ya, we’re taking it! Whether you can get away for an afternoon or are able to take a few days off in a row, here’s a look at what’s shaking in and around Calgary over Family Day weekend.

Don’t Stop the Love

By Travels with Baggage / February 13, 2014

Having the baby blues and feeling disconnected from our partners is no fun. The Relationship Resource Ltd. in Calgary gets families back on track with couples counselling and private therapy sessions to alleviate perinatal and postpartum depression.

From Bullies to Besties

By Travels with Baggage / January 23, 2014

Teaching our girls to stand up for themselves isn’t always easy. Girl Power comes to our rescue with empowering classes to help prevent bullying.

Monkeying Around at the Mall

By Travels with Baggage / November 14, 2013

As much as we moms love going to the mall, sometimes toting tykes takes the pleasure out of shopping. Luckily for us, Market Mall has recently revamped their indoor play area. Find out what’s in store.