From Bullies to Besties


Friendships mean the world to our girls, and supporting our daughters while they ride the roller-coaster of female relationships is no easy task.

Enter Girl Power, a friendship program developed by a Calgary teacher and mother that teaches girls from six to twelve-years-old the skills and language necessary to develop healthy friendships and stand up for themselves.

Workshops, school programs and camps explain to girls what normal friendship behaviour looks like and the difference between healthy and unhealthy relationships. From gossiping to exclusion and alliance-building, the sessions cut to the heart of girl drama in a cool, fun way that resonates with our daughters. In fact, moms might learn a thing or two about how women operate and why some are inclined to act the way that they do.

Worried the boys are missing out? Fret not, GoodGuys, a friendship program for boys, will roll out in the spring, targeting boy-specific issues.

Events are held throughout the city or you can organize a workshop at your home, school, or club. Knowledge is power, after all.

You’ll have them saying, ‘You go, girl!’.

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