Toddler Food

Pasta Seashells and Salmon Salad

Looking for a new way to enjoy salmon with your kids? Creating a salmon salad is such a crazy idea it might work… especially if you serve with seashells.

Baked Maple and Citrus Glazed Ham Recipe - SavvyMom

Maple and Citrus Glazed Ham

There is nothing easier to serve to a large crowd than a baked ham. Make it a maple and citrus glazed ham and you’ll be a bigger star than the Easter Bunny!

Rice and Bean Cakes Recipe - SavvyMom

Rice and Bean Cakes

Rice and bean cakes are perfect toddler foods. They eat like a muffin, but are a much heartier snack than anything baked with flour or oats.

7 Easy Toddler Snack Ideas for Summer - SavvyMom

7 Easy Toddler Snack Ideas for Summer

These seven toddler snack ideas are easy to make, beloved by kids and their parents, and delicious and nutritious.

how to get toddlers to eat more vegetables

8 Ways to Feed Your Toddler More Superfoods

Here’s a list of our favourite tried-and-true ways of incorporating more fruit, veg, and superfoods into a little one’s diet.


Omega-Boost Berry Smoothie

A berry smoothie is a blast of nutrition that kids don’t realize is healthy. Perfect for a breakfast on the go or snack that feels like a treat.

Irish Flag Pasta Veggie Dinner - SavvyMom

Irish ‘Flag’ Pasta and Veggie Platter

Arranging a platter of green and orange tidbits that everyone will enjoy is a fun and festive way to celebrate your Irish heritage or St. Patrick’s Day with kids.

Chickpea Patties Recipe

Easy Toddler Meal: Chickpea Patties

Need a toddler meal idea? These protein-dense chickpea patties can be tucked into a pita and come together in less time than it takes to order a pizza.

Slow Cooker Chili Mac and Cheese

Slow Cooker Chili Mac

Adapted from America’s Test Kitchen, this Slow Cooker Chili Mac is pure comfort food to warm up a cold winter’s day.