Parenting Challenges Are Like Snakes & Ladders - SavvyMom

Parenting Challenges? It’s Snakes & Ladders

We all have our parenting challenges because parenting is hard. Parenting neurodiverse kids or children with mental health issues is harder.

Ways to Improve Daughters' Self Esteem - SavvyMom

8 Ways to Ensure Your Daughters Don’t Inherit Your Self Esteem Issues

I want my daughters to have healthy self esteem so I will give them the tools to avoid the path I went down. The path towards mental anguish, self-hatred, and doubt.

Questions to Get Your Kids Talking After School - SavvyMom

Questions to Get Kids Talking After School

If you’re starting each conversation with ‘How was your day?’, your chats might get very frustrating and end very quickly. Here’s how to get kids talking.

3 Things I Learned When My Kid Started French Immersion

When the time came to decide about French Immersion, I waffled. Would she succeed? Would it be too challenging? Would it risk her not loving school?

Making Room for Imaginary Friends - SavvyMom

Making Room for Imaginary Friends

As with any developmental stage, there are benefits and disadvantages. Imaginary friends may fill a void when there is no one else around to play with.

Why Does It Feel Like We're Always Doing it Wrong? - SavvyMom

Why Does it Feel Like We’re Always Doing it Wrong?

“I didn’t take my kids camping this summer, I don’t buy organic, the iPad is our babysitter …” There are a million ways to feel like we’re always doing it wrong.

How Walkie-Talkies Saved Bedtime

At our house, bedtime is torture for everyone involved. My five-year-old has night fears. I get it, and I feel for him. I do. But thank goodness I had a lightning strike idea finally.

Raising Children of Colour - SavvyMom

How to Raise Children of Colour in This New Age of Awareness

Our son participated in Black Lives Matter marches before he even started Junior Kindergarten. This is the reality for our family. Here’s what we’re focusing on raising children of colour.

Tips and Prompts for a Meaningful Teacher Letter - SavvyMom

How to Really Show a Teacher You Appreciate Them

These prompts for a meaningful teacher letter are a great way to help you and your child express just how much you appreciate them.