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Vancouver Entrepreneur Kids Programs

4 Programs in Vancouver That Will Help Turn Your Kids into Entrepreneurs


Did you have a lemonade stand as a kid? Wasn’t it satisfying to earn your own money? Wouldn’t it be great if your kids got to experience that feeling, too? There are a number of ways kids in the lower mainland can learn about entrepreneurship and the changing landscape of technology that will shape the workplaces of their future. Here are some ideas to get your budding kidpreneurs learning and growing:

Young Entrepreneurship Learning Labs: Summer Camp

Young Entrepreneurship Learning Labs have locations in Richmond, Langley and the Tricities area, and offer after-school programs as well as summer camps designed to teach kids about money and business in an interactive way. The programs are designed for kids ages 7-15, and don’t require any prior experience. Parents, you don’t need to be an entrepreneur yourself and your kids don’t need any special skills—just a willingness to learn and excitement to explore.

Junior Achievement

Junior Achievement teaches kids in grades 5-12 about entrepreneurship, financial literacy and work readiness. These programs are delivered in elementary, middle and high school by volunteers in partnership with the organization. They hold competitions where participants can apply their learning in real life situations.

Startup Skool

This summer camp program teaches your kid how to start a business, be literate digitally, learn problem solving and critical thinking. At the end of the camp they get to present their ideas to local entrepreneurs and industry experts. With two locations in Vancouver, this hands-on program promises to help prepare your child for the future.

Canada Learning Code

Canada Learning Code offers programs targeted at kids and girls specifically. They help kids ages 8-13 learn hands on technological and problem-solving skills. Depending on the level, they could learn Ruby, Canva, Scratch, HTML, CSS, and more! They have camps, workshops and kids can even work together on a cause that’s important to them.

Entrepreneurship, technology and problem solving are useful tools for kids as they grow up. The lessons they learn in business will help them in so many ways, especially in the lower mainland and its tech community.

After all, summer is the best time to learn how to run a lemonade stand—and you never know what that might lead to!

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