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The Best Places to Enjoy Some End-of-Summer Treats


Ottawa is still holding onto the summer for a couple more weeks. Now that we are late into August, families in the area are spending their days crossing off items on their summer bucket list while simultaneously shopping for back to school items. There are still plenty of warm summer days left though and it’s the perfect time to have a taste of summer.

If you want to indulge in one more summer treat before the kids head back to school, here are a few places to check out in the Ottawa area.

Chocolate Favoris

For a real indulgence you’ll want to try Chocolats Favoris. This is one of those places that will have the kids completely astounded by the amount of sweet decadence being offered in one spot. They’ll dip a soft serve cone in one of their amazing flavours like s’mores, maple or salted caramel and you can even add toppings.

Playa del Popsical

How about you head to the beach for a treat? Sort of. Playa del Popsical is tucked away just off of Bank Street (near Mrs Tiggy Winkles) and is bringing the beach to the city with sand and beach chairs at their popsicle stand! Their fresh popsicle flavours pack a punch and will cool down tiny taste buds.

Stella Luna

Gelato of many flavours can be found at one of the two Stella Luna locations in the city. Whether you want to have a cup of their award winning gelato or a waffle topped with gelato, it’s a must-try foodie destination in Ottawa.

Merry Dairy

The Merry Dairy now has a physical location (on Fairmont Avenue) in addition to their cart and truck which means you can always grab one of their cool custard treats any day of the week! Visit their website to find out where the travelling truck will be next; it might be in your neighbourhood!

Little Jo Berry’s

Little Jo Berry’s is a vegan cafe located on Wellington Street that has been making headlines for serving dairy-free ice cream in a watermelon piece instead of a cone. That treat basically combines our children’s two favourite bites of the summer! They are available for a limited time.

Tavern On The Hill

Tavern On The Hill has been catching the eye of Ottawa residents all summer. With their adventurous hot dog menu, extensive drink options and a view that defines Ottawa, it’s no surprise. Families will be happy to know they also have ice cream available as well.  Grabbing a summer treat while looking at Parliament Hill is a picture perfect way to end the summer.

No matter which treat you decide to try (or if you try them all) you’ll have very happy children who we think will excitedly go along for a tasty adventure.

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