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Toronto Hair Cuts

Best Spots for Kids’ Haircuts in Toronto


It’s not totally necessary to hit up a hair salon that specializes in kids’ haircuts, but it definitely makes the process a whole lot more fun—especially for those youngsters who might be a wee bit anxious about getting a trim. So, whether it’s for a new back-to-school ‘do, a run-of-the-mill trim, or baby’s first haircut, here is our roundup of hair salons that made the cut among the city’s best for kids.

Little Tots Hair Shop

When you go to Little Tots Hair Shop, be prepared to drag your child kicking and screaming when it’s time to leave! The “bottom of the sea” ball pit is a fun place to play while waiting for a haircut, and once your child’s name is called, he or she will have a chance to sit in a dragon, horse, fire truck, boat, or train chair while getting a haircut quickly and expertly by one of the experienced stylists. The shop sells hair accessories and toys.

Haircuts from $19.95
1926 Queen St. E., Toronto

Beach Kidz Kutz

At Beach Kidz Kutz, kids can play with the train table and toys or simply chill out and watch a movie while they wait their turn for a haircut. Kids can choose their specialty chair to sit in while getting their cut, and the bonus at Beach Kidz Kutz is that mom and dad can also get haircuts for a very reasonable price. (If you’re already there, why not?)

Kids’ haircuts from $16, women $25, men $20
1826A Queen St. E., Toronto

Crazy Cuts

Kids and adults are welcome at this family salon. For the youngest tykes there are three specialty chairs: Thomas the Tank Engine, a pink Disney princess car, and a Fire Engine with working sounds and lights—each with its own TV. For older kids and parents, there are two regular-sized chairs with individual TVs and Xbox 360s, so your tween can play a videogame during his or her trim. Crazy Cuts carries eco-friendly and certified organic products including Green Beaver, Hot Tot, and Piggy Paint. Kids leave with a balloon and popcorn.

Haircuts from $22.95
669 Mount Pleasant Rd., Toronto

Cute Kid’s Cuts

At Cute Kid’s Cuts, the experienced hairdressers understand that some kids are very nervous about getting their hair cut, so every effort is made to make it a fun and comfortable experience. And as a reward for their cooperation and bravery, kids receive a healthy snack and a stamp at the end of the cut. Chair choices include an airplane, a train, a pony, a fire truck, and a monster truck. They also have kid’s spa services including manicure, “mini-makeup”, and ear-piercing. Adult haircuts are available.

Kids’ haircuts from $18 (Tuesday special $16)
666 St Clair Ave W., Toronto

Krafty Kids

With a fun play area, Lego station, and cartoons to watch while getting your haircut, kids will love coming to Krafty Kids. The shop also does lice treatments, nail polishing, birthday parties, and they even offer a childcare/babysitting service. Adult haircuts are available too.

Haircuts from $12 ($10 for first-ever haircut)
40 Northampton Dr., Toronto

Melonhead Children’s Hair Care

With a number of locations across the GTA, chances are there is a Melonhead not too far from you, ready to give your child a great haircut in a fun environment! The chain first began in 2001 and has now grown to 15 locations. They have all the bells and whistles to keep your child entertained during the haircut; fun chairs, movies to watch, toys and bubbles. And they guarantee a good cut: if you’re not happy with how it looks, you can come back for a complimentary fix.

Haircuts from $21 (may vary according to location)4 Toronto locations:

3215 Yonge St., Toronto

294 Danforth Ave., Toronto

Woodbine Centre, 500 Rexdale Blvd., Toronto

2100 Bloor St. W., Toronto

This post first appeared on Help We’ve Got Kids and is shared here with their permission.

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