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How to Make Life Easier for Yourself During the Holidays


The greatest gift we could receive this year would be time. Since the season is carrying on regardless, we thought we’d gift you some super suggestions on how to save it. These holiday helpers will get you through the holidays with ease and grace.

Christmas Light Installation
Scratch this off your honey-do list. Exterior Christmas lights is one argument you can avoid when you let the pros stand precariously on those ladders instead of you-know-who. Assiniboine Lights & Landscaping has been lighting up the city for over a decade. They’re especially adept at making large trees look snazzy and wouldn’t you know it, they also specialize in snow removal.

‘Tis the season for sitters being notoriously unavailable. Instead of scrapping your plans, book in with Nannies on Call for peace of mind with an extensively screened caregiver. You can bet your bottom dollar they’ll show up on time, and with their experience are able to soothe and tame even the toughest little critic.

Keep clicking, we’ve got 8 more Ways to Get Some Help This Holiday Season. Why not offload your least favourite task this year so there’s more time to actually enjoy the holidays?



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