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A Fun Kids’ Birthday Party Idea: Roller Skating at Monkey Around


There’s no denying that play centres make for great birthday party venues for little kids. There are a bunch of exciting things to do for the kids and you don’t have to clean your house. Win-win! But a kids’ birthday party idea that stands out from the crowd these days is a roller skating party. And the only place to offer up roller skating as part of the birthday party package in Ottawa is at Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre.

Located in Ottawa’s South End, Monkey Around is a family-owned play centre, learning centre, and amazing birthday party facility. And it’s got a roller rink that’s included in the birthday party offerings they have.

Helmets are recommended for kids (you’ll want to bring your own), but Monkey Around provides the 4-wheeled roller skates. When little ones aren’t able to skate, the roller rink turns into a tricycle track! (How cute is that?)

Use of the rink is included with birthday party packages and we love the packages offered. We know how difficult birthday party planning can be for parents, so the three packages offered can cover as little or as much as you need. Whether you just want to let the kids run around (or skate around) for a while before celebrating with cake, or if you want them to stick around for some lunch too, there’s a package that’s right for you. Some packages even offer bonuses like tokens for the arcade and cotton candy. Uh… yes, please!

The facility is nut-free and they provide the cake and food options (which we love) and we know party goers will work up a hunger after all of the playing they’ll be doing. Kids up to aged 10 will be entertained by the play structures, the bouncy pillow and, of course, the roller rink.

Aside from a roller skating rink as a party highlight (and it’s definitely a highlight), there’s also the giant bouncy pillow that we know kids will love, arcade games, slides and more. We also love that families can drop in for some roller skating and play time fun seven days a week.

This all-in-one birthday party and play centre is sure to have the kids rolling with excitement.

Monkey Around Play and Learn Centre
1650 Queensdale Avenue (Corner of Bank and Queensdale)

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