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The Perfect Drinking Glass for Toddlers


When my baby was six-months old, I read and bookmarked a blog post about toddlers drinking from glass water cups. The idea struck me as brilliant and the minute my little guy turned 18 months old, I promptly ordered a few sets for my house and started steering him away from plastic sippy cups.

I have to admit, originally the idea seemed a little scary despite being so smart (babies with real glasses?), but then I remembered that when I lived and worked in the south of France all of the children over age one seemed to use these perfectly-sized drinking glasses for their water and juice. I didn’t know much about kids at that time, so it didn’t strike me as overly odd, and by the time I had children of my own I quickly forgot all about them.

These French drinking glasses have now replaced most of the cups in our home and I keep them in a variety of sizes. By the time he was 19 months old, my toddler had totally nailed how to sip from them, with spills being kept to a minimum. Today, at 22 months old, they are all he uses to drink, with the exception of the tiny espresso mugs I keep on hand for him for hot cocoa. I do still use an insulated stainless steel cup and straw for when we’re on the road, but at home we haven’t had sippy cups around since September.

Here are a few more fun facts about these brilliant French drinking glasses:

  • I use the 160mL sized cups for Matthew. They hold just enough for a few sips, and I refill it frequently during meals.
  • We love them so much we also ordered the 360mL size for juice for the adults in the house, but tend to use them more for red wine or sipping maple whisky on ice, a crowd pleasing drink for winter if there ever was one. Trust me.
  • The glasses are virtually shatter proof, and can survive an 8-foot drop on linoleum.
  • I ordered all of my glasses online from The Bay. Though they are pricier that most drinking glasses, they go on sale quite frequently (down by at least 40% almost every month) so that would be a good time to snatch them up.

Tell us, how do you feel about toddler’s drinking from glass cups? Are you a fan of the sippy cup, or no?

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