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Where to Take the Kids for Hot Chocolate in Ottawa


With the kids off from school in the winter for Christmas break and March Break, we’re often looking for ways to warm up after family adventures like skating or snow shoeing. There’s something indulgent and welcoming about a steaming cup of hot chocolate on a cold winter day and we know that our kids would agree that it’s a favourite winter treat.

If you want to bundle up in pyjamas and snuggle around the fire at home, make your own hot chocolate and embellish the toppings with flavoured whipped cream or chocolate shavings. However, if you see your children’s rosy cheeks and want to treat them to something special, surprise them with a cup of hot chocolate from one of these local hot spots.

Chocolat Favoris

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Usually Chocolate Favoris is known for their decadent ice cream that is dipped in a rich chocolate coating, but their hot chocolate almost rivals their cones. There is a variety of flavours like the S’mores hot chocolate, and each creamy beverage is topped with some of their chocolate dipping. Their double-walled mugs help keep hands from getting too warm.

Where to indulge: 180 Vanguard Drive, Orleans.

Cafe latte Cino

Cafe Latte Cino in Orleans has some tasty hot chocolate to go along with their delectable desserts. The kids will love the clear glass it comes in so they can see their yummy treat that’s topped with whipped cream. The hot chocolate is almost as warm as the greeting that you’ll get at this cafe.

Where to indulge: 2020 Tenth Line Road, Orleans


Photo credit: Lindt.ca

If you love Lindt chocolate, there’s no better stop than the Lindt Store in Lansdowne. We can imagine the kids’ excitement just being in the chocolate shop! But we also love this location because it will be perfect if you have just finished a skate on the Rideau Canal, or if you were at the Lansdowne Indoor skating park.

Where to indulge: 825 Exhibition Way

Stella luna

On Bank Street and Wellington Street West, you may already be familiar with the very popular Stella Luna. Known for their award winning gelato, you’ll want to settle in for their decadent hot chocolate options. The Alpine hot chocolate uses their award winning gelato or you can select a more advance flavour like Chocolate Bourbon Maple Pecan (we’ll give you a minute to let that one sink in) or Cherry gelato.

Where to indulge: 1103 Bank Street or 1130 Wellington Street West

Stubbe chocolates

Photo credit: Facebook

With six generations of chocolate making to their name, we feel as though Stubbe Chocolates will know a thing or two about hot chocolate. With chefs from Le Cordon Bleu Culinary Institute, we are all drooling over the thought of each bite of chocolate that Stubbe produces. However, it very well may be the steamy cup of hot chocolate that will have your kids asking to return.

Where to indulge: 375 Dalhousie Street

Cacao 70

Photo credit: Facebook

Cacao 70 is serving chocolate in every way they can, for brunch, lunch and of course as a hot beverage. What we love about this location for hot chocolate is that not only will the kids love the velvety richness of this cup (they’ll say ‘yes’ to chocolate chunks in it!), but there are exciting and unusual offerings for you to enjoy as well. The Earl Grey Hot Chocolate and Egg Nog Hot Chocolate caught our eyes or maybe you prefer some added heat with a spicy hot chocolate. There’s an entire hot chocolate menu to choose from at one of these two Ottawa locations.

Where to indulge: 51-53 William Street, Byward Market and 225 Marche Way, Lansdowne.




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