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Children’s Discovery Centre


When looking for ways to keep the kids entertained, the default is often to turn to programs that are strictly structured. While these types of classes definitely have their upside, kids ages six and under also benefit from the effects of unstructured, play-based learning—an approach that helps them grow mentally, psychologically and socially.

That’s where the Children’s Discovery Centre comes in. This pop-up, interactive, hands-on museum for kids ages six and under is open now until the end of September. Developed and curated by some of the city’s top educators, artists and children’s advocates, there are so many cool stations they won’t know where to begin. Kiddos will find a campground (with logs, rocks, a tent and full-size canoe to explore), a mini city to trike and wheel around in, an art hive to unleash their creativity in, a vet clinic where everyone’s favourite stuffies can get some TLC, a play kitchen and grocery area where children can develop healthy relationships with their favourite foods, a theatre and a cozy reading nook full of forts and first words.

Along with the dynamic free play possibilities, there are cooking demos, puppet making, storytelling, music making, a picnic area and quiet rooms.

Good to know: The centre is open daily from 9:30 to 4:30, and is located on Strachan Avenue, just north of Exhibition Place. Play-all-day passes are $13 and children under one are free.

Kids still got energy to burn? Take them to one of our favourite Play Centres in Toronto.

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