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March Break Events in Toronto


From a day or weekend off to full week’s staycation, we’ve got some great new ways to spend marvellous March Break. But plan it now, otherwise there’s a good chance you’ll be playing Candy Land for five days straight while a Paw Patrol marathon blares from the TV. And while that’s fine for an hour or two, we shudder to think of what happens after a week of said experience.

Queen’s Park Legislature: March 14-18
A scavenger hunt through the historic building will be loads of fun, and the whole dressing up in parliamentarian robes is oh-so-very Hogwart’s. There are crafts, interesting factoids, and it’s all free.

The ROM Enchanted March Break: March 12-20
If you grew up in Toronto, you probably have a memory or two or going to the ROM over March Break. Special activities take place daily from 11-4 and are free with general admission, and include getting hands-on with serpents and spiders, an Elizabethan photo booth, and historical re-enactments featuring Gailileo and Samuel de Champlain.

March Break Mystery Fun at Black Creek Pioneer Village: March 14-20
It’s all about Sherlock Holmes and the case of the Stolen Sheep at Black Creek Pioneer Village this March Break. Kids can question characters, search for clues in each building, attend detective workshops and solve mazes. That’s all in addition to the other fun stuff on.

Don’t stop—these are just a few of our faves. Whether you live downtown, North, or in the West or East End, we’ve got more picks for you.



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