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Ultimate Dinosaurs at the Canadian Museum of Nature


If you haven’t been to the Canadian Museum of Nature yet this summer, then you’ll definitely want to add it to your family’s summer bucket list. It’s a wonderful place to explore and learn and kids of all ages love it. If you’ve been, then there’s no need to explain why it’s so popular. Your children likely call it the ‘Dinosaur Museum’ and with good reason—their permanent dinosaur exhibit has always inspired awe and curiosity in children and adults alike. Now, the Museum has a new, special dinosaur exhibit that is not to be missed. Ultimate Dinosaurs is only here until September 5, so be sure to make plans to check it out before summer vacation is over.


The exhibit promises to grab the attention of every visitor with life-like video walls and giant, full-sized skeletons. The many fascinating fossils on display will impress the most curious of minds. Take a prehistoric step back in time as you explore new pieces of history. Let the kids explore the hands-on learning centres, or snap their picture in front of the giant skeletons. Even the most savvy of mini dinosaur experts will find a new favourite; the exhibit highlights some strange and unique dinosaurs from the southern hemisphere.

Plan your visit in advance by printing off their special dinosaur challenge activity sheet. Bring it with you and encourage your family to work together to find the embossed stamps at each dedicated station.

There is a fee for the special exhibit in addition to the regular museum admission price, but museum members and kids aged two and under are free. Transport yourself to a time when dinosaurs walked the earth at this amazing exhibit, before it’s too late.

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