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Where to Go Tubing and Tobogganing in Vancouver


The thrill of tobogganing never gets old. Careening down a snowy slope while your stomach stays at the top, only to catch you at the bottom. In order to introduce our children to this rite of passage in Vancouver, we need to head to the North Shore mountains—our streets may be clear of snow but our mountains are not. Mount Seymour and Cypress Mountain offer tobogganing and snow tubing, and if you can’t decide which one to choose or where to go, we’re here to help.

tubing at seymour

Mount Seymour
Mount Seymour is further east of the two and located in North Vancouver. It’s family owned and operated, and maybe as a result, we find the staff on the friendlier side—but the parking could be better organized.

Snow tubing
$80 will get a family of five a couple hours in the snow tubing area during the weekend. (Good to know: the price includes inflatable tube rental.) Hours are 10 am to 4 pm and there is a minimum 48″ height requirement. We love that at Mount Seymour there are three separate tube parks—a smaller one for beginners (ideal for smaller kids who are wannabe thrill seekers) and two intermediate parks. Our kids were disappointed that staff don’t allow group or stomach riding, but we were happy to find snacks and hot chocolate close by in Harold’s Café, located in the Enquist Lodge.

Mount Seymour has a designated toboggan area (no age restrictions) with several different lanes—which helps reduce wait times. Weekend rates are $12 per person, children under the age of 3 are free with an adult, and sleds are available for purchase for $10.

tubing at cypress mountain

Cypress Mountain
Cypress Mountain is West of Mount Seymour in West Vancouver. The snow tubing and tobogganing areas are located past the cross-country kiosk, so turn right into the cross-country area once at the top of the mountain.

Snow tubing
Cypress doesn’t vary pricing for weekends or weekdays. A family of four can snow tube for two hours for $75—which includes tube rental. Hours are 10 am to 6 pm on weekends, but they occasionally have extended hours on select dates. Minimum height is 42″ so shorter fry should head to Cypress. Kids must be at least six years of age and those under ten must be accompanied by an adult. Youthful staff will spin tubes, and kids can link tubes and slide as one big unit. There’s a decent snack hut a short walk away across from the cross-country kiosk, but they also have a temporary tent that sells hot chocolate and hot dogs at the entrance to the sliding area.

Sliding at Cypress is restricted to children under the age of six, and hours are 10 am to 4 pm, $10 per person. Sleds are not available for purchase or rent, so bring your own or be left out in the cold. Literally.

The Savvy Pick: Mount Seymour and Cypress both offer beautiful city views, and as you wind your way up either mountain you will feel as though you are entering the wintery land of Narnia. Shorter kids who want the thrill of tubing should head to Cypress, but we think Mount Seymour offers a bigger, better and more organized sliding experience.

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