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West End Mamas: A New Pregnancy & Postpartum Wellness Clinic


The first thing I noticed at the West End Mamas clinic at Jane and Bloor was the courtesy stroller locks at the front door so you can feel comfortable parking your stroller on the sidewalk. So smart.

And that’s not the only smart thing about this place. Think of it as a one-stop health and wellness destination for west-end moms. Opened just last month by chiropractor Dr. Sarah Mickeler who has long specialized in the treatment of pregnant and postpartum women.

Dr. Sarah led me through the serene and welcoming space during the clinic’s opening launch party. There was a cozy reception area with cushioned seating and energizing snacks, a bright and spacious studio for workshops and classes, beautiful clinic rooms, and stunning and inspirational photography of pregnant women and new mothers adorned the walls.

She told me that after the birth of her son, she realized that it was hard to find health practitioners that specialized in fertility, prenatal and postpartum care. There was no place you could go that catered specifically to mothers. She decided to fill that gap herself.

The clinic is home to a resident pelvic floor physiotherapist, lactation consultant, parenting coach, psychotherapist, doula, homeopath, nutritionist, dietician, chiropractor, naturopath, acupuncturists and educators.

It was also important to Dr. Sarah to make her clinic a place for women in the local community regardless of whether or not they are patients. So she opened up the studio space to classes, workshops and support groups that also aim at supporting motherhood.

The upcoming calendar advertises workshops and classes on topics like starting solids, introducing another baby, homeopathy for teething, fertility yoga, prenatal yoga, hypnobirthing, postpartum fitness classes and postpartum support.

If it takes a village to raise a child, having a place like this to turn to for support is a very good start.

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