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Questions to Get Your Kids Talking After School - SavvyMom

Questions to Get Kids Talking After School

If you’re starting each conversation with ‘How was your day?’, your chats might get very frustrating and end very quickly. Here’s how to get kids talking.

What's Streaming in September for Kids & Families - SavvyMom

What’s Streaming in September for Kids & Families

As welcoming as the shift back to schedules may be, it can be exhausting. That means downtime is so important! Take note of what’s streaming in September for kids & families…

Helpful AI Tools for Buy Families - SavvyMom

Parenting in the Digital Age: How AI Tools Make Life Easier

In today’s world, AI tools like Chat GPT can be indispensable for busy parents. It can’t parent for you….yet….but it can offer support in many other ways!

Kid-Friendly Card Games

Card Games for Kids Perfect for Family Game Night

Move over, board games! These card games for kids are super fun (and educational, too!) Perfect for your next family game night.

What's Streaming in August for Kids & Families - SavvyMom

What’s Streaming in August for Kids and Families

August can be A LOT. Having a few new TV series or movies when you need some downtime is key. Luckily there are many options streaming in August.

Savvy Guide to August - SavvyMom

The Savvy Guide to August

From road trips and streaming tips, and just a teensy bit of organizing, our Savvy Guide to August can help make the second half of your summer a blast.

Kids Books Grown Ups Love Too - SavvyMom

12 Kids Books Grown Ups Love Too

It’s time to get their brains in gear and their imaginations lit. Start with these kids books grown ups love too and maybe you’ll both be inspired to read a little more…

Don't Be the A**hole Sports Parent - SavvyMom

Don’t Be the A**hole Sports Parent

Ever read a news article where you’re legitimately embarrassed that it’s real? Although you’re probably not surprised. There’s at least one a**hole sports parent on every kids’ team.

Water Safety Week - SavvyMom

Drowning Prevention Week: Important Tips for Swimming Safely

During Drowning Prevention Week we focus on water safety and awareness for water safety to prevent drowning incidents.