5 Easy Father’s Day Gifts to Make Dad Feel Special

Easy Father's Day Gifts - SavvyMom

Dads always say that Father’s Day is not a big deal. And, despite the plethora of Father’s Day gifts that may or may not include ties and socks, dads usually claim they neither want nor need anything. Be that as it may, the important men in our lives deserve to feel as special and valued as much as moms do.

I learned to tell my kids what I actually wanted for Mother’s Day after being disappointed one too many times. I suspect the dads in our lives may not be so upfront, nor could they think up these sorts of ideas for themselves.

With these sorts of easy gift ideas (that can usually be done last minute, even) the dads in our lives will know how much they mean to us and may even get some ideas that will work in our favour the next time Mother’s Day rolls around (hint, hint).

My best gift is on the top of this list and it’s now something I expect to receive every Mother’s Day. And it’s an idea that dad will love, too. These easy Father’s Day gifts are ones that no dad would ever be disappointed to receive again and again. Let’s get these traditions started!

5 Easy Father’s Day Gifts for Every Dad

A List of Love

I looked back on the cute Mother’s Day crafts sent home from school in their younger years and realized I still wanted a version of that. So I asked my kids for a list of five things they loved about me. (I had also just watched A Marriage Story on Netflix and was so thoroughly depressed at the ending.) My kids’ creations were very different but exactly what I asked for. Now they’ve started doing that (completely unprompted, mind you) for my husband as well. Dads like to know that they’re appreciated, too.

Easy Father's Day Gifts - Outing

A Day Out

Whereas moms work hard and the ideal Mother’s Day gift for most is a day of nothing. Dads usually get the fun jobs (hey, I realize I’m totally generalizing here, but if the shoe fits…) and aside from some late-night tv binging, it’s fair to say they’d rather be out and about. Planning a fun outing with dad is one of the easiest Father’s Day gifts and a great way to spend quality time with that special guy.

SavvyMom Fathers Day Ideas - Hotel X Porsche Package

A Day Away

While Mother’s Day hotel packages are chock full of spa visits and fancy tea or brunch, Father’s Day hotel specials feature everything from golf to steaks to rides in iconic sports cars and everything in between. Toronto’s Hotel X takes the cake with their Porsche Drive Experience. Dad’s weekend getaway starts with the Porsche DriveExperience’s concierge delivering a Porsche 911 right to your door, along with a suggested scenic route to the hotel. The Porshe Package includes:

  • Accommodations in one a Hotel X suite
  • Daily rental of a Porsche 911 (subject to availability, other models available) with concierge delivery and pick-up (75km maximum from North York’s Porsche location)
  • VIP Preferred parking at the hotel
  • Suggested sightseeing routes in Toronto
  • A deluxe picnic basket and a few suggested destinations from the hotel to explore

The best part about this package is that *you know who* will likely be going along for the ride.

 A Clean Car

Even if it’s not a Porshe 911, dad’s car is still worthy of a good cleaning and even better if he’s not the one doing it. A gift certificate to a local car wash or detailing service would be very much appreciated by ANYONE, making it one of the easiest Father’s Day gifts for dear ol’ dad. If money’s tight, heading outside with a bucket and sponge and having the kids tackle the ol’ minivan themselves (under your supervision, of course) still makes a thoughtful, and useful, gift.

SavvyMom Fathers Day - CITRUS Penny Collection

CITRUS Canadian Penny Collection

Penny for His Thoughts

Bookmark (literally) this one for next year. CITRUS creates personalized pendants and charms designed and made in Toronto. Established in 2007 by Karen Lamont, CITRUS is known for quality, handmade craftsmanship, timeless meaning, and exceptional service. The Canadian Penny collection pieces are framed in silver and crafted from actual Canadian pennies. Choose a pendant, bookmark, keychain, or cufflinks and your penny’s year (from 1928 to 2012) for a gift that is meaningful and uniquely Canadian. (From $32 for a pendant to $158 for a pair of cufflinks.) Their men’s collection has so many great pieces you’ll know where to turn for Father’s Days to come.


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