The Best Toboggan Hills in Calgary


Think you can grab your sled and barrel down just any hill? Think again. Sledding is serious stuff in Calgary, with bylaws cracking down on rogue riders. Fortunately the city has stepped up and has designated several spots across the city as official toboggan hills. Here’s a look at a few of our favourites in each corner of the city.

St. Andrew’s Heights
Some reckon this is the very best tobogganing spot in all of Calgary. There’s one long, steep hill that adventure seekers make a beeline for. It’s got a long, flat bit at the bottom (and a fence), so you don’t have to worry about hitting the road. For wee winter warriors, there’s a smaller slope near the Community Centre that’s likely just their speed.

Confederation Park 
Pegged as the premier hill, Confederation Park boasts varied terrain with a few different hills to slide down on. With it’s cute little bridges crossing the creek and large, mature trees, this super pretty spot is tops for family photos, too. Load up with all your gear because this park also has an outdoor ice rink and clear pathways for long walks and runs.

Of all the sledding hills around, we’ve picked the best 8. Click here to see the rest of our Great Toboggan Hills in Calgary.



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