Dress ’em Up


Sometimes the devil is in the details. Halloween costumes are a case in point.
If foregoing the store-bought costume route seemed like a great idea a month ago, now is no time to panic. We’€™ve got you covered with some do-it-yourself ideas that you might even call frightfully easy.

Black Eyed Pea
Don’€™t worry about being so 2008 with this costume idea. You’€™ll get a lot of boom boom pow when you turn your junior rock stars into a black-eyed pea with just a green shirt, green balloons and some black face paint. I gotta feeling that you just can’€™t get enough of this costume.

It’€™s a clever one bee-cause it’€™s not what you think. But that’€™s what makes it funny. Adding a bit of frizz to that adorable DIY bee costume makes this a great and easy-to-make choice.

Head on a Platter
It’€™s creepy but it’€™s awesome. Seeing your child’€™s head as the centrepiece on a table is a bit scary, but they will love being the centre of attention. With a little cardboard, face paint and glue you can make the perfect creepy table with this costume.


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