12 Bewitching Halloween Events in Ottawa

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

Spooky, silly or carved into a zombie’€™s scowl’€”jack-o’-lanterns are the very definition of Halloween. At Upper Canada Village’€™s new Pumpkinferno exhibit, they’€™re redefining the iconic pumpkin face into something we’€™ve never seen before.
Elaborate, softly glowing scenes pepper the evening woods surrounding Upper Canada Village, created from pumpkins that have been stacked together to form huge vignettes. We ooh-ed and ahh-ed our way from spectacle to spectacle, each one more dazzling than the one before. We loved the full-sized pirate lighting up the night, surrounded by his glittering jewelled treasure. We were astounded by the complete saloon, featuring skeletal cowboys and a ‘Pumpkin Wanted’ poster. Our little princess adored the pumpkin mermaid lounging in the water and our little animal lover stared in wonder at the spellbinding under-the-sea world, complete with a giant octopus, pumpkin-carved jellyfish and a wee squash serving as a pearl in a shell.

There’€™s more, much more, but the best part of the exhibit is the surprise and delight at discovering the next creative and unique design.

A bewitching evening in the candle-lit woods at Pumpkinferno is the perfect kick-off to the Halloween season, and at $10 per adult and $7 per child aged 6 to 12, our kids solemnly declared it was the best money spent, ever.

Good to Know: The path through the display is wide and mostly packed earth; a hardy stroller can make the trip if the evening is not too wet. Rubber boots are recommended.

Our only problem now is living up to new expectations for our own jack-o’-lanterns this year.

Tested by Lynn J., Ottawa

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