Feeling Pressed


Just because sandwiches are a highly practical and portable meal doesn’€™t mean they should only be eaten on park benches, over the kitchen sink or en route to soccer practice.
There are some sandwiches that are too good to be eaten while multitasking. They need to be enjoyed, savoured and appreciated.

We’€™re talking about the kind of sandwiches you find at a place like Pressed, a new(ish) sit-down sandwich shop in Centretown.

The space is big and bright, with long church pews and couches for seating. More importantly, the food is right up our alley. The sandwiches are hot and crusty, filled with goodness. The menu board reflects the seasons and the whims of the owner, Jeff Stewart. There are quite a few meaty options (pulled pork and beef brisket were two options on a recent visit) but there are plenty of vegetarian meals too. And for the kids, mini-homemade mac and cheese (a big hit), natural hot dogs and sweet potato chili are all tasty options. We also loved the homemade chips that decorated our plates.

It’€™s a simple menu in a very laid-back ‘€˜order at the counter’€™ kind of atmosphere, in a part of town that really deserves a great sandwich bar. Best of all the price is right, even when you factor in a pint of locally made Kichesippi brew. Tested by Andrea T., Ottawa


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