Ottawa: The Savvy Guide to October

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

October begins with gratitude and ends with chocolate and candies. Sounds a bit out of order, but we’€™ll take it. Here are more ways to enjoy this autumn month.
Get thee to a farm
Why? To pick apples, wander through a pumpkin patch, pick up a fresh pie and go for a hay ride.

To Saunders Farm Haunting Season
Why? Because it’€™s that time of the year again, and this farm has a mile maze, pumpkin patch, hayride, barn of terror and a monster parade’€”what more could you ask for?

Why? Because we have lots of great inspirational tips and ideas to help make your Halloween planning less spooky.

Dress up
Why? Because you have the costumes all ready (since you’re Halloween-ready) and you don’€™t really have a choice. It’€™s kind of a mandatory activity this month, so join in.

Everybody Has Everything by Katrina Onstad
Why? Because it’€™s fresh and smart, and asks an often unasked question: ‘€˜Can everyone be a parent?’€™ It explores the possibility of the perfect and prosperous life of an urban couple turning inside out by an unexpected tragedy’€”leading to them becoming the legal guardians of their friend’€™s child.

To prepare your trees for winter, let fallen leaves lie
Why? Because leaves are Mother Nature’s natural fertilizer. As fallen leaves decompose they transform into nutrients and organic matter the tree needs. However, diseased leaves should be removed from your yard to help avoid repeat problems the following year.

Why? Because it’€™s a forum for moms that makes it easy to anonymously share your humorous or horrifying parenting stories’€”without judgment!

The Pocket Whip
Why? Because sometimes you need to get your whip out and take control. Be large and in charge. Show them you mean it. It’€™s your job.

Make one of these simple fall crafts from our Savvy Storyteller, East Coast Mommy
Why? Because we think the little pumpkins are the perfect table decor for your Thanksgiving celebration.

Bumps on the Road ‘€“ A 9K Walk for Pregnancy on October 21
Why? Because you get to wear a belly (real or fake) with pride while helping the Canadian Foundation for Women’€™s Health raise awareness and funds for research that addresses diseases or illness in pregnancy.

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