Toronto: The Savvy Guide to April

SavvyMom March 24, 2017

April might bring showers, but it also brings with it the promise of spring. So we celebrate it with every puddle and melted snowbank we see as we prepare our families and our homes for warmer weather.

Make a plan for the seasonal switch up. We’ve got some bright ideas to get you started
Why? Because even if it doesn’t feel like spring outside, you can still make it look like spring inside.

To The Backyardigans: Sea Deep in Adventure on April 19 at The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts
Why? Because this splashy new production will mesmerize, entertain and delight audiences of all ages with non-stop excitement and surprises. (From Our Partner: The Sony Centre for the Performing Arts)

Some daffodils or tulips in a pot, a good door mat and an old towel stationed at the back door, in the car and in the stroller
Why? Because it will rain, your feet will get wet and your front hall will be a mess. The towel will leave you prepared for any puddle emergencies.

Set up an Easter egg hunt for your kids on Easter weekend
Why? Because it’s just so much fun.

The Hanen Centre’s newest guidebook, ‘I’m Ready!™How to Prepare Your Child for Reading Success’
Why? Because speech-language pathologists Janice Greenberg and Elaine Weitzman have taken the most current research in emergent literacy and broken it down into fun, easy-to-use tips and strategies that parents can work into their kids’ everyday routines and activities. We’re giving away five copies of this book so enter now(From Our Partner: The Hanen Centre)

Why? Because this just-for-them site has contests, games, fun facts and activities about the planet and green living.

Why? Because it will help you digitize and store all your hand-written recipes. It’s like spring cleaning for your recipe box.

This adorable bunny snack
Why? Because it’s a fun and healthy snack, and it’s safe for kids with allergies.

Plan a neighbourhood clean-up with your family on April 22
Why? Because it’s Earth Day, and cleaning up the streets in your neighbourhood teaches the kids to ‘think globally, act locally’ and take care of our planet.

Support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month. Volunteer your time (the Society has ways you can help in just 5 minutes), help sell pins, or pick up a bunch of fresh daffodils at your local grocery store.
Why? These pins and flowers show support, build awareness and raise money for a great cause. Plus, those sunny yellow flowers are bound to put a spring in your step.



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