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SavvyMom April 1, 2022
Ottawa Savvy Guide to April - SavvyMom

Welcome to April in Ottawa, the onset of spring and all things new and fresh.

Do you feel that warm sunshine on your upturned face? Not quite yet?! Spring is officially here even if we’re not really refreshed and recharged. Maybe it’s because there’s a million and one things to do. We’re sick of tripping over winter boots and stray mitts, so spring cleaning is definitely in the works, and it’s that time of year when winter activities overlap with spring sports, making for some crazy weeknights and desperate dinner scrambles.

But let’s celebrate every puddle and melted snowbank we see, and prepare our families and our homes for warmer weather.

Passover, Easter, daffodils, and ditching your winter boots. Here are some fun ideas to help you embrace all that April in Ottawa brings.

The Savvy Guide to April in Ottawa


Friday, April 1st is April Fool’s Day. Even if you’re not a fan of pranks or surprises, you’ll want to acknowledge the day in a fun way with your kids. Check out these 8 Sweet April Fools’ Day Pranks Kids Will Love and An Adorable Idea for April Fools’ Day with Kids.


It’s time to get out and about! We’re starting to see our cities open up more and more with attractions and events in April for  Ottawa families. Whether you feel more comfortable sticking to the outdoors or are more than ready to explore indoor venues again, April is opening up with fun things to do with kids in Ottawa.


Passover and Easter are happening at the same time this year. Good Friday is April 15 (with Easter Monday happening on the 18th). Passover begins in the evening of Friday, April 15 and ends the evening of Saturday, April 23. Will this be the first occasion you host or attend a big family event?  We’ve found some wonderful ideas for celebrating in our Savvy Guide to Easter and list of activities and events for Ottawa Easter Weekend. And if you need to stock up or replenish your pantry for Passover, check out our lists of Judaica and Jewish stores in Ottawa.


Get out the summer camp schedules and get going on sorting out your summer. It will be here before you know it and you don’t want to be left scrambling. Schedule a time to finish your research, coordinate with your friends and your kid’s friends (so they’re not going alone) and complete all application forms.


Use eggshells to start planting seeds early. Earth Day is April 22 and eggs are the quintessential symbol of spring and they’re perfect for starting seeds before the ground is ready. Poke a hole at the bottom for drainage and place the shell in an egg cup or old egg carton. Fill with soil and seeds then wait. Plant small leaves like chives and wheat grass, then transfer the whole thing into the garden — shell included (they’re naturally biodegradable).


Support the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Month. Your donation to this year’s Daffodil Campaign will fund nationwide support programs that offer comfort and connection – and world-leading research to transform the future of cancer. The Daffodil pins and flowers show support, build awareness, and raise money for this great cause. Plus, those sunny yellow flowers are bound to put a spring in your step.


While we’re itching to get outside when the weather cooperates, of course we still look forward to family movie nights and new seasons of our (and their!) favourite shows. Here’s a round up of what’s on for kids and families streaming in Canada in April.


Make a plan for the seasonal switch up. We’ve got some bright ideas to get you started. Because even if it doesn’t feel like spring outside, you can still make it look like spring inside. Here’s some ideas for getting your home ready for Spring.

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