Give It a Whirl


Consider the evolution of your laundry room lust.
Your first time: you’re a student and you crawl down to a dingy, damp basement, where you need a loonie to run the machine and a glass of wine to get through the entire experience.

In a relationship LBK (life before kids): you are up close and personal with the dry cleaner but still throw your jeans in the machine on weekends.

The “mother load”: when you’re not doing laundry, you are thinking about it. Switching loads, folding, putting away, finding a missing sock, soaking sports uniforms or the onesie with unmentionable stains…that laundry train has hit the station and it keeps going around and around and around. You are obsessed. You fantasize about one of those laundry rooms you see in the mags (you know the ones), complete with a washer and dryer that are energy efficient, look swell and actually clean your clothes.

Well, your fantasies may soon be a reality with the SavvyMom Duet in the Laundry Room Contest. You can enter to win your very own Whirlpool® DUET® Steam Washer and Dryer valued at $3,366. Your laundry might never be the same again.

So just Duet. Because nothing should get between you and your laundry.

P.S. It gets better! Visit us at our SavvyMom booth next weekend (October 30 to November 1) and see your dream laundry room on display at the 2009 Fall BabyTime Show. It’s the ultimate event for pregnancy, birth, baby and toddler.


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