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10 Cool Camps to Try Out

Nancy C April 19, 2016

Is it possible you haven’€™t booked and planned the entire summer schedule for the kids yet? Neither have we. That’€™s why we’ve researched and vetted some great summer camps in Vancouver for you. Here’€™s our list of Cool Camps to Try Out that are sure to tantalize and excite even the most seasoned of campers.
Dust off those chefs’ hats because Hillcrest Centre is offering the popular Mini Chefs camp again this summer. Kids, ages 3 to 5, will enjoy a healthy mix of fun and colourful baking, shake-creating and sandwich-making. Campers will learn about the importance of food and nutrition through food preparation and other entertaining activities.

Petit Camp Soleil is a fun kids’€™ camp offered by West Point Grey Community Centre. Kids, ages 3 to 5, will learn French songs and words through stories read to them in the language we all wish we could speak. There are crafts, baking and outside play, including walks to Trimble Park, Jericho Pond and the beach. They don’€™t need any knowledge of French to attend, but you can be certain they will leave with new wisdom of the words.

The countdown to summertime’€™s easy living is on! Make sure to check out the rest of our Cool Camps to Try Out in Vancouver.

Tested by Nancy C., Vancouver

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