The Savvy Guide to November November 6, 2022
Savvy Guide to November - SavvyMom

Sure, November has a reputation as that dreary month between Halloween and the start of holiday party season. But that’s why it’s the perfect time to cozy up with the family before your calendar fills up. Plus, November is the true heart of fall. Crisp air, sweaters, piles of leaves, and warm goodies from the kitchen. Busy moms always have half an eye on the holidays by now. (I’ve already got one holiday pot luck sign-up sheet on the go!) But let’s not forget to enjoy the remaining fall colours, pumpkin-spice everything, and our last few snowsuit-free days. Our Savvy Guide to November will help you make the most of right now while planning for next month.

The Savvy Guide to November

Canada's Wonderland Winterfest - SavvyMom


Explore your city


Never mind the weather, bundle up and get out and enjoy your city! Get in the festive spirit early or head out and enjoy some downtime before the holidays take over. Here are some fun things to do in Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, and Vancouver for families.

Best Winter Gear for Kids - SavvyMom


Don’t let the cold catch you off guard


Winter’s chill is on its way! Don’t let the dropping temperatures impact your kids’ enjoyment of the great outdoors. The right winter gear for kids can make all the difference in keeping your kids off the couch.

Family Movies Streaming in Canada in November - SavvyMom


Host a family movie night marathon


Not that there’s anything wrong with the couch. The shorter days have us yearning to cocoon with blankets, movies, and our favourite people. If you can no longer convince your guys to watch animated movies, check out what streaming in Canada in November for families on Canada’s streaming services. You can even serve a dinner of everyone’s favourite finger foods—and popcorn, of course. Lots of popcorn.

4 Surprising Dishes You Can Make in a Slow Cooker


Slow-cooker dinners


This is the season for dusting off your favourite slow cooker recipes and seeking out a few new ones. Pandemic or no, family schedules are usually full to bursting at this time of year and there’s nothing like coming home to find a satisfying meal that’s hot and ready. Fall veggies like potatoes, carrots, beets, and sweet potatoes stand up well to long cooking which means you can eat local and on budget. There are lots of fantastic slow cooker tips and tricks here. I’ve got a rigatoni with pork ragu lined up that sounds DIVINE.

what time should my child go to bed


Get set to fall back


That pesky little hour can really mess us up even if we’re supposedly gaining an extra hour of sleep! Here are some strategies for falling back to help keep your sleep disruptions to a minimum.


Planning to decorate


Any guide to November needs to remind you that there are only two options, really. You can dig up the holiday decorations, take a quick inventory of your stock, and then set aside an afternoon late in the month for decking the halls. Or you can frantically tear through boxes in mid-December searching for the tree stand while your kids scatter tinsel all over the rest of the house. It pays to plan. And if you need to pick up a few extras, you’ll still have plenty of time to pick up those odds and sods and a new tree topper if the lights in yours have mysteriously burnt out. Again.


By hitting a consignment store for “ugly” holiday sweaters


Leading up to the holidays, there’s always a need for festive clothing. It’s been a while since we had anywhere to wear anything special, but we are hopeful for this year! Get a jump start by hitting a consignment or thrift store for those fabulous, “ugly” holiday sweaters that are sure to make your family the hit of the party or, if worse comes to worse, the festive Zoom call once again.

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