Best Winter Gear for Kids

Best Winter Gear for Kids - SavvyMom

We know, we don’t necessarily want to think about the cold weather either, but it is more enjoyable when everyone has the right gear – and that means starting early to avoid having to go to six different stores to find snow pants. Different pieces of winter gear for kids work for different ages… Unfortunately you can’t outfit them in snowsuits up until their teen years (although we wish we could).

Here are some of the pieces of winter gear for kids that have performed for us over the years and look good doing it…

Best Winter Gear for Kids

Winter Gear: Roxy Parka - SavvyMom

Roxy Toddler Girls Snowy Tale Insulated Jacket

They’ll be warm, dry and full of smiles in the snow in this durable jacket. Plus, an adjustable growth system allows for two seasons of wear.

$170 – Buy Here

Quicksilver Winter Gear - SavvyMom

Quiksilver Mission Insulated Snow Jacket

For the slopes or school, the jacket is super functional and cool. Finally, no grief over wearing a winter coat!

$175 – Buy Here

Kombi Mitts Winter Gear - SavvyMom

Kombi Bear Paw Mitt

We always, always make sure that every member of the family has a pair of Kombi mitts every winter – they’re that warm and keep the soggy snow out.

$20 – Buy Here

Winter Gear Helly Hansen Snow Pants - SavvyMom

Helly Hansen No Limits 2.0 Pants

Helly Hansen knows their stuff. So when it comes time to invest in snow pants, we’re fine to splurge a bit because they last and get passed down to lots of others.

$180 – Buy Here

Winter Gear Packable Puffer Jacket - SavvyMom

Carter’s Packable Puffer Jacket

They’re so warm, soft and squishy, why wouldn’t you wear a puffer? This one even packs into its own carrying bag.

$30 – Buy Here

LL Bean Winter Gear Jacket - SavvyMom

Ultralight 650 Down Jacket, Colorblock

Here are the puffers for the slightly older kids from L.L. Bean, with an impressive history of excellent quality clothes. We love the retro stripes of colour in these offerings.

$170 – Buy Here

Winter Gear Roxy Fleece - SavvyMom

Roxy Alabama Fleece

A fleece is a great transitional layer and works like a charm under a shell. It’s also perfect for those slightly milder days and climates (Vancouver, we’re looking at you). This jacket has a pattern she’ll fall for.

$80 – Buy Here

Quicksilver Snow Pants - SavvyMom

Quiksilver Estate Insulated Snow Pants

These boarding pants are totally rad, and work for all snowy weather pursuits. Good thing they come in different colours, because every kiddo is going to want one.

$140 – Buy Here

Winter Gear Heavyweight Carter's Parka - SavvyMom

Carter’s Heavyweight Parka With Detachable Hood

We live in Canada, so during most winters a parka is inevitable to make it through those blizzards and -30 days. This one looks fab, performs well, and will please everyone’s fashion taste.

$95 – Buy Here

Winter Gear Carhartt Toque - SavvyMom

Carhartt Watch Beanie

Bless you, Carhartt, for making warm hats cool again. We’re over the moon that they want to wear beanies pretty much every day. No more frozen ears!

$29 – Buy Here

LL Bean Fleece Onesie - SavvyMom

L.L. Bean Hi-Pile Fleece Bunting

Dress them this way while you still can! So warm, so cozy, so CUTE! Take lots of photos and enjoy the winter ensemble.

$79 – Buy Here


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