Vancouver: The Savvy Guide to April

SavvyMom April 8, 2016

The national weather forecast for April is wet.
In BC, expect a traditional rain shower daily. Flowers can be seen in some parts of the province.

In the Prairie provinces, enjoy the dry spell while it lasts because it won’t. It will rain.

In Ontario, prepare for melting, more rain, flooding and potholes. Flowers can be found in pots earlier in the month with hopes that they will peek out of the ground in late April.

So puddles, wet socks and a bit of mud in the house are the order of the day.

Here’s how to slide through the month without any big slip ups.

Keep an old towel handy at the back door, in the car and in the stroller.
Why? You never know when you will need to be prepared for a puddle emergency and because kids, pets, shoes and boots all drag water and muck.

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